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Annie FanLi Fan

Licensee Salesperson


Annie Fan devotes long hours and directs considerable resources to her real estate clients selling multiple properties over the years. Helping hundreds of buyers purchase their first home through buyer runs.  Finding development lands for developers.  She goes the extra mile in all she does and has a wealth of past experiences to enhance her skillset, with a particular understanding and empathy of those relocating internationally or from outside of Auckland. 

A fluent speaker of Mandarin, English and Shanghainese, Annie moved to New Zealand from China almost 20 years ago as an international student. Following this her long and respected career in the education, travel and immigration sectors ultimately saw her opening her own businesses in China and Auckland. Annie has vast experience marketing and project-managing the educational and relocation requirements for her clients. Many were students, investors, families, and businesspeople - providing them with invaluable consultancy services to assist with their move and business transactions in New Zealand. This led to her attaining her real estate salespersons license in 2016. In 2019 she joined Ray White Mission Bay permanently, transacting over $30 million in property since then. 

Annie’s family background in the construction industry has been useful in her current role. She has valuable expertise with projects and high-end developments and her clients regularly seek her counsel on selling luxury apartments and making off-the-plan purchases. Annie is a good listener, well-known for her capacity to connect and make friendships with clients and she enjoys excellent connections from a huge database of diverse contacts. She will customize a marketing plan to meet every aspect of the required outcome for her vendors who feel safe in her hands. Exceedingly hard working with a positive manner, clients trust her judgement and experience implicitly knowing that she has their best interests at heart.  From years of helping people with their personal and business goals, Annie has great instincts and relies on these to find the right property solutions for people. 

In her spare time Annie loves walking her dog with friends in her home neighbourhood of the Wynyard Quarter and she works out daily at the gym.