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Amanda Page joined Ray White Mission Bay Limited because it's 'family factor' means she gets the chance to do what's good for clients, the community and colleagues.

Based in Ray White Mission Bay she serves the surrounding historic and boutique suburbs. Born and raised in Auckland with 2 siblings Amanda proudly claims all the best attributes of the middle child - resilience, self-reliance and competitiveness -  with a touch of peacemaker.  Growing up in a business-minded family influenced Amanda's dedicated work ethic and business acumen combined with kindness.

Not one to shy away from a challenge she studied Fashion Design and Business concurrently before taking on a job in the fashion industry alongside some of New Zealand's most famous fashion icons like Karen Walker & Trelise Cooper. Her skills working as the buyer for high end fashion retailers like Karen Walker & Topshop, as well as a buyer for The Iconic in Australia. A founder/Co-owner of on-line retail businesses prior to Real Estate.

Working in industries where pace and sticking with a common vision were crucial, Amanda honed her proficiency in bringing people together, ability to offer solutions and knack of knowing when someone needs a hand.

Today Amanda manages her real estate business in the same way: 

1.    Where focus goes, energy flows
2.    Get creative
3.    Get involved at every step

The work/life balance is continued away from the desk with passion projects on the side that combine a love of travel, being out on the water and catching up with friends.

For a partner who brings courtesy and capability, talk to Amanda.




  • 2021/2022 - Executive
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